Boosting European mink conservation efforts

The European Mink Centre is an online platform that acts as an information hub and think tank based on modern digital solutions. The Centre is to contribute to supporting cooperation as well as educational-popularizing, scientific and research activity in the field of protection of the critically endangered European mink Mustela lutreola, in accordance with the motto Science in the service of Nature. This applies in particular to improving the quality, scope and efficiency of activities carried out in this area, thanks to the use of digital techniques, electronic media, remote communication, as well as cataloguing and digitizing bibliographic and museum resources and making them available in a publicly available online resource database.


European mink living in the wild


European mink kept in captivity


Published scientific articles



The European Mink Centre grew out of the belief that the fate of the Mustela lutreola species is not sealed and that joint efforts can save it from extinction.



Collection of publications and other materials related to the European mink

Maintaining a digital repository



Initiating research activity

Conducting scientific research



Supporting conservation activities

Carrying out protective measures against the European mink



Promotion of the idea of protecting the European mink

Creating favourable conditions for the protection of the European mink in public space



Creating an atmosphere conducive to establishing cooperation

Promoting and facilitating cooperation