Penguins (January 20), polar bear (February 27), whales (February 15), sparrows (March 20), willows (March 21), birds (April 1), elephants (April 16), porpoises (May 15) turtles (May 23), otters (May 27), white stork (May 31), tigers (July 29), bees (August 8) or hedgehogs (November 10) celebrate their day. So why not regularly remind about the problem of the European mink protection – one of the most endangered mammals in Europe?

A special celebration of the European mink, and thus the Centre dedicated to its conservation, is the European Mink Day, established in 2016 by the Polish Society for Conservation Genetics LUTREOLA and celebrated on March 31.

The choice of the date of the European Mink Day is not accidental – March 31 is the anniversary of the establishment of the Polish Society for Conservation Genetics LUTREOLA, the only scientific society in Poland devoted to this branch of knowledge. We cordially encourage you to promote and popularize the idea of ​​protecting the critically endangered European mink by celebrating and disseminating information about the day dedicated to it – March 31!