The day-to-day activity of the Centre is carried out by the Council of the European Mink Centre, which consists of two representatives of the Green Federation “GAIA” association and one representative each of the University of Szczecin and the Polish Society for Conservation Genetics LUTREOLA.

The Council is a collegial body, making decisions by a simple majority of votes. The work of the Council is managed by the Custodian of the European Mink Centre, who represents the Centre outside. The Council may include, in an advisory capacity, with a casting vote, representatives of domestic, foreign and international institutions dealing with the protection of the European mink, on the basis of a decision of the members of the Council. Members of the Council perform their function pro bono.

The powers of the Council include:

  1. determining the main directions of operation and development of the Centre,
  2. achieving the objectives of the Centre and managing its activities,
  3. adopting changes to the Statute of the Centre,
  4. acting on behalf of the Centre.

Council of the European Mink Centre – term 2022-2027:

Jakub Skorupski, PhD, Eng.   Green Federation “GAIA” – Custodian
Prof. Przemysław Śmietana, PhD, Eng.    University of Szczecin – 1st Vice-Custodian
Prof. Remigiusz Panicz, PhD, Eng.   Polish Society for Conservation Genetics LUTREOLA – 2nd Vice-Custodian
Aneta Kozłowska, Eng.   Green Federation “GAIA” – Member